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Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha!


Our more than one year long quest for the best ‘Rupa’, ‘Mudra’, ‘Kala’, and ‘Jeevan’ in each and every one of our temple’s Pradhana deities has been fulfilled.!


Sri Siddhi Vinayaka, Sri Arunachala Shiva, Sri Apithakuchambika, Sri Subramanya and Sri Veera Anjaneya deities have been meticulously carved by our Pradhana Sthapathi from the land of Divine Idols, Mamallapuram, Tamilnadu, India. Every idol is made according to the Devata Moorthi Shilpa rules laid down in the Vedic Agama Shastra. Carving itself is a six month plus long process. Every attention to detail has been paid starting from identifying the best stone for our deities. We have procured a special stone that is typically used to make their Moola Virat in all big temples in India. This special black granite, Krishna Sila, is only available in Tamilnadu in India. This stone has a special characteristic that no other granite has. Unlike other stones, when tapped on it, this stone sounds just like pure metal. This unique characteristic allows it to store positive vibrations, reverberations and divine energy to bestow up on devotees.


Our moola virat Sri Siddhi Vinayaka is accompanied by the most beautiful deities Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Ram Parivar and Sri Durga Maa who were brought to their lively 'Nija Roopam' in white Marble. All marble deities are made from the best quality marble for deity making 'Makrana Marble', which was hand selected from the town of Makrana in Rajasthan India. Each moorthi's roopam, vasthrams and alankaaram are meticulously custom designed to bring our vision to reality. A group of master shilpis worked tirelessly for months to bring our vision for moorthies to 'Nija Roopam'.


Our sacred shrine’s moola virat Ganesha is going to shower His blessings on all the devotees in ‘Sri Siddhi Vinayaka’ Avataram.


We are blessed with the charanaravindams of Lord Shiva, who made our sacred shrine as His new home in ‘Sri Arunachaleshwara’ Avataram.


Sri Arunachaleshwara is accompanied by Shakti in our sacred shrine in ‘Sri Apitakuchambika’ Avataram. Apitakuchambika is none other than an avataram of Sri Mata Parvati.

Sri Rama in our temple showers his blessings to all the devotees along with his parivar, Sri Sita Maa, Sri Lakshmana and Sri Hanuman in 'Bhakth Hanuman' mudra.


Sri Radha Krishna in our temple with 'Sammohana Mandahaasam' gives Darshan to all devotees in 'Jugal Jodi' mudra along with Sri Radha maa.


Sri Durga Maa in our temple is seen in 'Simha Vaahini' mudra showering her motherly love and blessings to all the devotees.


The most beautiful god, the younger son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, Subramanya blesses all devotees by making our sacred shrine as His new home in ‘Sri Dandayudhapani Palani Murugan’ Avataram.


Sri Ramachandra Bhagawan’s Parama Bhakt Hanuman blesses all devotees by making our sacred shrine as His new home in ‘Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy’ Avataram. 

Om Namah Sivaya..!

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